Vietnam is suited

for any travel budget!


Hotels range from $7 USD (backpacker) to $20 (economy) to $45 (moderate) to $100 (high-end). Meals run from 50 cents (street vendor) to $2 (economy) to $5 (moderate) to $25 (high-end). City transportation with driver ranges from "cyclo" (three-wheel covered bicycle) for $1 and up per ride, to small motorcycle for $2 and up, to taxi for $3 and up. (It will be hard for you to find city busses, but walking is easy and healthy.) Group tours start at $4 for a half-day tour. If you wish, we can hire a car and driver for $20 per day, less for longer periods. My fee as guide and travel planner is about $20 per day, less for longer periods. I will pay my own hotel and meal costs.

Normally, there are two ways tourists plan their vacation to Vietnam:

Backpackers arrive and just wing it, trying to find the cheapest accommodations. Usually, they go to a Cafe (low-cost tour agent) to arrange sightseeing. The Cafe hires a guide, such as myself, to make the hotel arrangements and act as guide. I know all the clean $7 hotels and will pass the exact cost on to you, saving you money. I will travel with you by bus or train, or will hire a car & driver, whichever fits your budget. Even including my fee, you will save money.

Vacationers let their travel agent plan and book the trip. Travel agents abroad take a large cut and pass the work on to local agents in Vietnam who also take large cuts and hire a guide such as me to make the hotel reservations, arrange transportation, meet the guests, and be the guide. I know all the 5-star hotels (as well as the 3-star and 4-star hotels), and never get a kickback. I will find the right hotels and restaurants to suit your budget, personality, and sightseeing plans. When you work with me directly, rather than through a Vietnamese travel agency or Cafe, you will save big money.