Delightful Honeymoon Resort
Dalat is only six hours from Saigon, and Dam Bri Falls is half way. Both can easily be added to any Saigon package.

Dalat is 4,500 feet above Sea Level nestled around beautiful Xuan Huong Lake. The weather is always pleasant ... not too hot ... not too cool, and not too wet, even in the rainy season. A golf course stretches along the north side of the lake and beautiful mansions and hotels are sprinkled along the south side. The exciting Dalat market and the newest Golf III hotel are on the west side. The surrounding areas are some of the most fertile crop lands in all of Vietnam. The mountains are beautifully terraced with gardens and farms. The best side trip is a train ride to a whistle stop an hour away, a little sightseeing, and back to Dalat. There are also botanical gardens, the Valley of Love, a unique "Crazy House", and other interesting sites in and around Dalat. You could easily spend several days relaxing here!