Halong Bay

3,000 Islands amid Emerald waters
A one-day or two-day side-trip from Hanoi to the most beautiful islands in the world.

Halong Bay is a honeymooner's paradise, a poets inspiration, a sailor's delight. Anyone who travels to Hanoi should take an extra day or two to visit Halong Bay. Most will travel by bus or van, taking in beautiful Haiphong Harbor on the way, and making it a two-day trip. If you are short on time, have the funds, and choose Saturday to visit Halong Bay, there is helicopter service from Hanoi in the morning, returning in the evening. But this one-day side trip misses the night beauty.

A Vietnamese junk is the best way to sail among the islands. It will take you back hundreds of years. What a way to see these unchanged natural wonders.