The "City of Lakes" is slow-paced and charming
A variety of one or two-day side trips can be added to your stop in Hanoi.

If you choose to start your vacation in Hanoi, Mr. Nick Le Duy will meet you at Noibai Airport, check you in at your hotel, and show you this beautiful city.

Hanoi is slow paced in comparison to Saigon. But that is changing rapidly. The government is encouraging trade, tourism, and growth. With that as a goal, the police now welcome foreigners and try to make them comfortable. The new atmosphere has worked and business is booming in Hanoi. The quiet City of Lakes is coming alive. In addition to the natural beauty, Hanoi houses many of the nation's finest museums, temples, pagodas, ancient bridges, and St. Joseph's Cathedral.

Tours outside the city generally take you to the mountain tribes in the Northwest, or to Halong Bay to the East. Halong Bay can even be reached by a 45 minute helicopter ride!