Mekong Delta

Sprawling, fertile wetlands
Water is a way of life for millions of Vietnamese.

Much of the rain from Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia ends up in the Mekong River. As with any major river delta in the world, the land is generally flat, but constantly changing with every rainy season. The river brings rich silt which settles into new farmland. A variety of birds, mammals, butterflies, and fish thrive in the mangrove swamps of this region. Most of the Vietnamese who live in the Mekong Delta are either farmers or fishermen.

One popular destination is Mytho, home of an exciting floating market, a good place to begin a boat tour, and an easy travel to the Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary and the Dong Tam Snake Farm. Another popular destination is Vung Tau, the most visited beach resort in Vietnam.