Nha Trang to Dalat Route

Coastal Stops and Mountain Villages
This diverse six hour drive takes you from a relaxing tropical sand and surf to a refreshing mountain paradise. Enjoy scenic coast and mountain beauty, with stops at salt fields and minority villages.

You will enjoy the gradual change from balmy weather and coastal scenes of fishermen bringing in the catch, to rice farmers plowing with their faithful water buffalos, to cooler climate and winding roads snaking through terraced farm land along mountain contours.

You will stop at the salt fields and talk with the women who spend so many hard hours harvesting their product; you will browse around the Po Klong Garai Cham Towers at Phan Rang; you will visit a mountain village of minority people who live just as they did hundreds of years ago; and you will visit a village where silk is woven into beautiful fabrics, clothing, purses, shawls, and tablecloths.

The excitement builds as you continue up into the highlands, finally going through a pass and dropping into Dalat to catch your first view of Xuan Huong Lake.