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Mr. Nhut ("Nick") Le Duy


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You need a guide in Vietnam. With a guide, it is much easier to find good, clean, and cheap hotels and restaurants. Also, with a guide, you will be able to go into homes where rice paper is being baked, silk worms are being raised, and silk cloth is being woven. When you are shopping, Mr. Le Duy will bargain for you. His fee is so low that even a backpacker will save money by hiring Mr. Le Duy as a guide.

Mr. Le Duy has escorted all classes of travelers, including several travel authors, to ancient ruins, mountain villages, romantic hideaways, exotic dinner shows, exciting night clubs, local restaurants, forgotten battlefields, the war tunnels, river rides, jungle trails, farmer's markets, scuba shops, beaches, islands, and more. Whatever you desire, Mr. Le Duy can provide it.

Drop Nick a line and he will reply as soon as he is back in the city. It may take a few days to receive his reply, but it will be worth the wait!